Misterbox is a mobile variable space for presenting many different kinds of products and services.

It is a recycled fold-out shipping container for a wide range of occasions and events - concept

Furthermore, the container is lockable, so you can also use it as secure storage.

Inner space of the container is perfectly adaptable for various uses.

Design of Misterbox allows installation indoors and outdoors.  

Misterbox can be used all year round and in the winter you can complete  equipment of thermal radiators.

You can rent out or buy your Misterbox.

Products are protected by Intellectual Property Office in the 27 countries of the European Union.


Misterbox mobile container open or close in 20 seconds.

Installation of a mobile container according to the type of substrate can take only several minutes.



Branding options of mobile container Misterbox:

The walls of closed Misterbox are ideal carrier of large format advertising.

Misterbox´s roof can be used for installation of banners, large format projection, inflatables or also a car. 

Mobile open container Misterbox offers ragged space for other advertising media.



Technical specification:


Controlling a mobile container:

Misterbox can be operated in three ways

a)tablet       b)remote control     c)manually

Choose Misterbox driver and connect to the power supply.

You are the master of the container from now.
Audio and video system is connected to a data repository and broadcasts of Misterbox can thus be arbitrarily changed.

Connect your tablet to Apple TV gives you more options of communication.
Misterbox is possible thanks to remote access also operate from larger distances (eg from the office).

Electrical wiring in mobile container:

In the walls and floor of the container are electrical power distribution systems with sockets for connecting appliances together with the wiring harness WiFi and HDMI.  
Water supply is placed in the floor and linked to the waste-water pipes.
Power supply:

     a) from the mains 230V or 400V
     b)  connecting the generator (generator on gasoline or diesel)
     c) photovoltaic panels

Material of mobile container:

Misterbox is all metal mobile container. The floors are non-slip. The walls are insulated.

Dimensions of mobile container:

We offer Misterbox in three sizes - mini 10, medium 20, big 40

In the closed position

 mini          L 2 500 mm, W 2 500 mm, H 2 591 mm

 medium     L 6 058 mm, W 2 438 mm, H 2 591 mm - area 14,5m2

 big            L 12 192 mm, W 2 438 mm, H 2 591 mm

Extended range:

 mini          L 4 500 mm, W 4 500 mm, H 2 591 mm

 medium     L 7 058 mm, W 7 038 mm, H 2 591 mm - area 43m2 + 18m2 roof

big            L 12 192 mm, W 7 038 mm , H 2 591 mm


rozmery misterboxu


Weight of mobile container:

with standard equipment 3.200 Kg



The metal structure is resistant to shocks during shipping and installation.

Interior is anchored during transport.

Misterbox is lockable and is protected against burglary.

On customer request, it is possible to install a camera system.


Transport of mobile container:

Transport frequently provides the car with a hydraulic arm. It allows for rapid unloading and exact location. For transportation you can also use rail and ship or helicopter.



We offer Misterbox for sale or for rent. 

Price is calculated individually depending on the extent and branding.

We will gladly send you the calculation upon written request.


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