The Misterbox company premises in Malešická street about 5 kilometers from the city center, we offer a simple and convenient storage in metal shipping conatainers for businesses and households.

Do you want to reconstruct your space and you have nowhere to store your things? Do you need to leave an apartment to couple of months, because you rent it out and you do not know where to store your Furniture? Did you receive an order that it is limited in time and you need to store only few months?

Then you will appreciate the storage container.

Why store with us:

- any extension of storage area by hiring of another containers.

- acces to the warehouse straight off the car

- open 24 hours, 7 days a week

- removal of your storage container anywhere including its content. (up to 5 tons)

- minimal rental period is one month


Other services

- Rent empty storage containers at your designated spot

- removal services - loading and unloading of your space

- rental or sale of racking system


Price list

- 2500 Kč /month + VAT (rental period up to 8-12 months)

- 3000 Kč /month + VAT (rental period up to 4-7 months)

- 3500 Kč /month + VAT (rental period up to 2-3 months)

- 4000 Kč/ month + VAT


More information

size of containers  lenght 6058 x width 2438 x height 2590mm - 14 m2

Storage containers are in fenced area under constant surveillance of camera system.

Entrance to the area is only possible with security chip.

Each customer lock up the storage container by his own lock in order to preserve security.


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